The National Taxpayer Advocate’s Office (TAO) & its 2013 Annual Report to Congress

Every year, the National Taxpayer Advocate’s (NTA) Annual Report to Congress identifies at least 20 of the nation’s most serious tax problems. These issues can affect taxpayers’ basic rights and the ways they pay taxes or receive refunds, even if they’re not involved in a dispute with the IRS. As your voice at the IRS, the NTA uses the Annual Report to elevate these problems to Congress and the highest levels of the IRS, and to recommend solutions.
The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) first identified many of the issues in this report when large numbers of taxpayers couldn’t resolve tax-related problems and came to TAS for help.
Read the National Taxpayer Advocate Office’s rendition of the most serious problems involving IRS taxpayers and their tax issues:

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