Penalty Abatement

ProTecT Law Group’s Tax Attorneys can negotiate with the IRS to reduce or eliminate penalties added to your tax debt. When the IRS assesses tax debt penalties, those penalties are added automatically to the taxpayer’s account by the IRS computer system. Because of this, penalties are frequently added to a taxpayer’s debt without taking the individual circumstances into account. And as you may have already discovered, IRS tax penalties can turn a fairly manageable debt into an overwhelming burden. While the IRS has the authority to assess over 140 different types of penalties, you may qualify for relief from those tax penalties with what the IRS would call “reasonable cause.”

“Reasonable Cause” is the key factor in abating penalties. If you have a “reasonable” explanation for filing returns late or underpaying what is owed, the chances are the IRS will remove the penalties. A proper Penalty Abatement Petition requires very specific wording and a solid understanding of the relevant Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). Even if you had a good reason for not paying your taxes on time, it is often difficult to get these penalties removed without professional help. The Tax Attorneys are experts on the criteria and procedures followed by the IRS in asserting the penalties and have the expertise to advocate your case in the most favorable light and negotiate relief from those penalties.

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