IRS Tax Controversy

United States Tax Court Attorneys and Treasury Dept Circular 230 Practitioners Providing IRS Tax Debt Relief

If you need relief from mounting IRS tax debt, Protect Law Group’s United States Tax Court Attorneys can help!

Are you or your family experiencing anxiety, sleepless nights, health problems, feeling out of control, problems at work, divorce, feeling depressed or other effects of IRS tax debt?

You are not alone! There are 20 million plus Americans who have IRS tax debt problems right now and the IRS is getting more aggressive about pursuing back tax debts.

You can get help right now. Protect Law Group’s United States Tax Court Attorneys can help put you back in control, resolve your tax problems, stop the anxiety created by back IRS tax debt, and give you the tax debt relief you need.

Our tax attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you. Protect Law Group’s tax lawyers are admitted to the United States Tax Court and are licensed to practice before the IRS pursuant to Treasury Dept Circular 230.

We do not employ any “sales agents” or other unqualified “tax consultants” who give false hopes or outlandish promises in order to pressure you into signing up with us.

Our tax attorneys conduct a personal IRS Case Evaluation to help identify the most realistic solution to your IRS back tax problems and employ best practices to ensure that you achieve it.

Our tax attorneys are committed to providing individuals and small business owners with relief from IRS tax problems that are destroying their life, such as back tax debt, delinquent tax returns, IRS penalties, IRS liens, IRS levy or seizure, IRS wage garnishment, IRS audits, and IRS payroll tax problems.

We provide a free no pressure confidential IRS Case Evaluation from a United States Tax Court Attorney and Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner – not from a sales agent or tax consultant.

Our tax attorneys diagnose your case issues and develop a sound resolution strategy tailored to your individual needs. At Protect Law Group, our tax attorneys employ proven methods that have been developed and refined over several years of practice to deliver the best possible financial results.

Your IRS tax resolution strategy is built starting with the very first consultation where a U.S. Tax Court Attorney will assess your goals and match you to a sound IRS tax solution. A personalized strategic plan is then developed, refined, and implemented to provide you with the best possible results.

At Protect Law Group, we do what’s in your best interests – not in the interests of a commission or bonus based sales agent.

With large firms or tax resolution companies that have dozens of sales agents, customer service specialists or other “buffers,” it’s easy to get passed around and get lost in the shuffle once you sign up.

Even with low priced factories or mills, you’re still just a number pushed through an assembly line and you risk not getting the results you desperately need.

Protect Law Group is a specialized boutique firm that handles financial distress problems and our attorneys will provide you with individual attention and financial results.

Our tax attorneys handle their own caseload and are regularly accessible to their taxpayer clients.  You won’t be passed off to a “buffer” – you will have direct access and personal attention from your United States Tax Court Attorney.

We listen, we develop a sound strategic plan customized to your needs and we provide you with realistic options for your financial recovery.

Your relief is only a phone call or click away. Contact us today at 888-756-9969 or schedule an appointment online to see how we can help you!

Protect your property and assets, end the distress, and let us help you get back on track with your financial life with a personally tailored IRS tax debt solution.

How to get started

Step 1: Contact us to schedule a personal IRS Case Evaluation

–      call TOLL FREE 888-756-9969

–      complete the online appointment form

–      schedule a time for a free personal IRS Case Evaluation

Step 2: Obtain a personal IRS Case Evaluation from a United States Tax Court Attorney authorized to practice before the IRS not from an unqualified sales agent or tax consultant.

–      During the Case Evaluation, a Tax Attorney will survey the situation, propose the most effective and realistic solution tailored to your problems.

–      After the Case Evaluation, a Tax Attorney will send you the  results in writing, propose a strategic plan tailored to your problems and then quote you a sensible fee.

Step 3: Implement your strategic plan and resolve your problem once and for all.

Talk Directly With An Attorney…..Not a Sales Agent or a Tax Consultant!

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